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Feedback: Luis Wenkoer
Luis Wenkoer
[email protected]

We recently got our deck redone with pressure-treated lumber, and I just have to say, the team from Atlanta did a phenomenal job. From the moment we reached out to them, they were nothing but professional, warm, and understanding of what we were looking for.
What stood out to us was their expertise. They didn't just come in and do things how they felt it should be done; they took our ideas, worked with them, and transformed our yard into the perfect outdoor space. Every morning, watching them meticulously align each plank, it was evident that they were committed to delivering quality. And they used this awesome pressure-treated lumber that's supposed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions - a huge plus given the kind of weather we can get here in Atlanta!
But it wasn't just about getting the job done for them. They went above and beyond to make sure the new deck matched our home's existing style, creating this natural flow from our living room to the deck that just feels right, you know?
The best part? They finished right on time, no delays or anything. And they left us with some great advice on how to take care of our new favorite spot in the house. I can't recommend them enough - if you're in Atlanta and need a deck, this is the company to go with!
I hope this feels more natural and in line with what a real client might say! Let me know if there is anything you would like to add or change.

About reviewer: Long-term customer, based in Atlanta

Feedback: Gresa Weriksen
Gresa Weriksen
[email protected]

I have to take a moment to rave about the stellar job done by the team here in Atlanta on my new composite deck. Being a single woman with a penchant for home improvements, I've had my fair share of experiences with contractors, but this was by far the smoothest and most satisfying project I've tackled yet.
The team was not just professional but also incredibly respectful of my space. They listened to my ideas, gave valuable suggestions, and worked diligently to bring my vision to life. The crew leader, Sarah, was a gem, ensuring that I was comfortable with every choice made.
Now, let's talk about the deck itself. The composite material they recommended is just stunning and feels so luxurious. It has brought such a modern, yet warm touch to my outdoor space, making it feel like a true extension of my home rather than just an addition. I adore the low-maintenance aspect of it, giving me more time to enjoy the space rather than constantly upkeep it.
The project was completed right on time, with no hitches along the way. Every evening when I return home, I can't help but smile seeing my beautiful deck waiting for me, promising tranquil moments and joyous gatherings in the days to come.
I am so thrilled with my choice to go with this team for my composite decking. Ladies, if you're looking for a team that respects your vision, works with professionalism, and delivers quality, this is the team to call in Atlanta!
I trust this aligns well with what you had in mind; feel free to ask for any adjustments.

About reviewer: First-time customer, based in Atlanta

Feedback: Cristian Leonard
Cristian Leonard
[email protected]

I'm reaching out from the peaceful neighborhoods of Roswell to share the incredible experience I had with this Atlanta-based team who brought my hardwood deck dream to life.
Being a man who appreciates the finer things in life, I naturally opted for a hardwood deck. I had a clear vision in my mind - a rich, elegant space that meshes seamlessly with my garden, offering not just a deck but an experience.
This team, oh man, they outdid themselves. Right from our initial meeting, it was clear they shared my passion for quality and aesthetics. They showed me a range of hardwood options, each one better than the last, yet they guided me patiently until we found the perfect match for my home.
As someone who’s pretty hands-on, I appreciated being kept in the loop throughout the project. Every cut, every nail was a testament to their craftsmanship. The detail, the precision, it was like watching artists at work, sculpting a masterpiece from mere wood.
Now that it's finished, my deck is more than I had hoped for. It’s the kind of space that demands you to slow down, to appreciate the finer details — the deep hues of the wood, the intricate patterns, and the sheer craftsmanship. It’s transformed my backyard into a haven of luxury and warmth. I find myself out there every morning with my coffee, just taking it all in.
For the gentlemen out there looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your homes, I couldn't recommend them more. They are the true connoisseurs of hardwood decking.
I hope this review resonates well! Let me know if there are any specific details or tweaks you'd like to see.

About reviewer: Frequent customer, based in Roswell

Feedback: Eder
Eder "Joa" Green
[email protected]

Just had to drop a quick note here after experiencing the top-notch service from this Atlanta team on my pool deck project.
From the outset, these folks exhibited nothing but professionalism and expertise. I had a ton of questions, and they had all the answers, guiding me to choose the best materials and design for my space.
Fast forward to completion, and my pool area has transformed into a stylish, safe, and utterly inviting space that my family can’t get enough of. The deck itself is a masterpiece, blending seamlessly with my outdoor environment.
Big thumbs up to the team - if you’re in Athens or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give them a call for your decking needs!
I hope this matches what you had in mind. Let me know if any changes are needed.

About reviewer: New customer, based in Athens

Feedback: Dani Preso
Dani Preso
[email protected]

I recently got a custom fence installed by this team in Atlanta and, oh my, it's just perfect! The entire process was smooth, and the team understood exactly what I wanted. Now, my backyard feels so private and secure, plus it looks beautiful! Major kudos to the team; highly recommend their service!
Feel free to let me know if you’d like to see any adjustments or specific details added.

About reviewer: Regular customer, based in Atlanta

Feedback: Frederik Skontewa
Frederik Skontewa
[email protected]

Just had an under deck porch put in by the crew here in Decatur. These guys are true craftsmen — they transformed a previously unused space into my new favorite spot at home. The attention to detail is just spot on. I'm already spending mornings and evenings out here, just enjoying the peace and quiet. Two thumbs up from me; great job, team!
If you have any preferences for adjustments or specific elements you want included, feel free to mention them.

About reviewer: First-time customer, based in Decatur