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Porticos in Atlanta

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Porticos in Atlanta

Porticos Craftsmanship

Welcome to the crossroad of architectural elegance and functionality - delve into our portico construction services at AZMT. In the vibrant landscape of Atlanta, a well-crafted portico not only provides a grand entrance to your home but also enhances its overall charm and character.

Porticos have been an architectural staple in the Southern homes for centuries, and their appeal is timeless. They offer a respite from the elements, shade during the warm summer days, and a visually pleasing entrance that can significantly boost the curb appeal of any property.

At AZMT, our craftsmen seamlessly blend traditional techniques with modern design principles. We understand that every home is unique, and so should be its portico. Whether you're inspired by classical Greek columns or sleek, modern arches, our team will bring your vision to fruition with dedication and expertise.

Constructing a portico is not just about aesthetics. It's about creating a harmonious extension of your home that stands the test of time. With our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship, your portico will not only elevate your home's beauty but also its value. Furthermore, with various styles and customization options at your disposal, you can be assured of a design that resonates with your home's architectural spirit.

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Portico Installations: Your Guide to Costs and Pricing

In the heart of Atlanta, portico installations are increasingly becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of their entrances. In this guide, we explore the various factors that play into the pricing and costing of portico installations in Atlanta, GA.


A significant portion of the portico cost is determined by the materials you choose. Common materials with their respective price ranges include

  • Wood: Economical choice, prices vary based on the type of wood used.
  • Stone: Tends to be pricier due to the durability and luxurious finish it offers.
  • Composite: Moderately priced, offering durability and lesser maintenance.

Design Complexity

The complexity of your portico's design can significantly affect the final price

  • Simple Designs: Less expensive as they involve basic structures and designs.
  • Complex Designs: Incorporate intricate details, which hike up the price due to the labor and time involved.

Roofing Options

Roofing style and materials can also influence the cost

  • Shingle Roof: A cost-effective option with a variety of styles.
  • Metal Roof: Higher in price, offering durability and a modern look.
  • Tile Roof: Premium price due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will depend on the contractor’s experience and expertise

  • Experienced Contractors: May charge more but ensure quality work.
  • Budget Contractors: Might offer a lower price but potentially compromise on the quality.

Additional Features

Adding extra features will certainly affect the price

  • Lighting: Including recessed lighting or pendant lighting will increase the cost.
  • Columns: Ornamental columns can add to the price but offer an elegant touch.

Permits and Regulations

In Atlanta you will need to secure necessary permits, which might add to the overall cost, ensuring the structure abides by the local codes and regulations.

Geographic and Economic Factors

The economic dynamics and geographic specifics of Atlanta can influence the price. It's advisable to keep an eye on the market trends for a cost-effective project.

Understanding the detailed breakdown of costs involved can help you plan your portico installation in Atlanta, GA effectively. To get an accurate quote and expert advice on designing and installing a portico that fits your budget and style, contact AZMT today.


Benefit Description
Enhanced Curb Appeal Porticos add a touch of elegance and grandeur to the entrance of a home, enhancing its aesthetic value and overall curb appeal.
Weather Protection They offer shelter from rain, snow, sun, and other weather elements, providing a covered space as one enters or exits the home.
Increased Property Value Thanks to their aesthetic appeal and functionality, porticos can potentially add to a property's market value.
Energy Efficiency By shading the home's entrance, porticos can help reduce the amount of heat entering the house, leading to potential energy savings during warm months.
Defined Entrance Porticos give a clear and prominent entry point to the home, making it welcoming for guests and residents alike.
Space Utilization While primarily a design feature, porticos can also be utilized for seating or decorative purposes, especially if they are spacious.
Durable With proper construction and materials, porticos can be highly durable, enduring various weather conditions and requiring minimal maintenance.
Customization They can be designed in various styles, sizes, and materials to match and enhance the architectural style of the house.

Our Working Process

  • Consultation: We first understand your requirements, preferences, and the scope of the project.
  • Design: Our team crafts a tailored design, taking into account the aesthetics and functionality you desire.
  • Material Selection: We help you choose the best composite materials that fit your budget and style preferences.
  • Site Preparation: Our crew prepares the installation site, ensuring it is level and ready for construction.
  • Installation: The composite deck is installed with precision and craftsmanship, adhering to industry standards.
  • Inspection: We perform thorough checks to ensure the deck's stability and aesthetics are top-notch.
  • Final Touches: We finish up with any final touches, ensuring every detail meets your expectations.
  • Post-Installation Support: Our team remains available for any questions or maintenance needs you might have in the future.

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