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Custom Deck in Atlanta

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Custom Deck in Atlanta

Custom Decks: Atlanta's Premier Tailored Experience

Introducing AZMT, where your dream deck becomes a reality. Dive into a world of bespoke design and unmatched quality, all tailored to reflect your unique style and needs.

Atlanta, with its picturesque settings and balmy evenings, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. But why venture out when you can have a personal retreat right in your backyard? Our custom decks are more than just an extension of your home; they're a reflection of your personality.

Every homeowner is distinct, with specific desires and visions for their outdoor spaces. At AZMT, we understand this. That's why our design process starts with you. From the initial consultation to the final nail, your inputs guide our craft. Whether you dream of a serene space to relax and read or a sprawling deck for grand soirées, we are here to bring those dreams to life.

Our skilled craftsmen use only the finest materials, ensuring that your deck is not only stunning but also durable and long-lasting. From exotic hardwoods to contemporary composites, the choices are endless and entirely yours.

The benefits of a custom deck are manifold. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it also provides functional space and can significantly boost property value. But beyond these tangible benefits lies the joy of owning a space that's truly 'you'.

So, why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have custom-crafted? Embrace the luxury of personalization with AZMT. Entrust us with your vision, and watch as we transform it into a tangible masterpiece.

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Unraveling the Cost and Price Dynamics of Custom Decks

Custom decks are a sought-after addition to many Atlanta homes, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Before embarking on a custom deck project, it's important to understand the various factors that can influence the cost and price.

Design Sophistication

  • The intricacies of the design play a major role in cost determination:
  • Multi-level Decks: More levels mean more materials, labor, and complexity, which can drive up the price.
  • Unique Patterns: Custom patterns or intricate designs can escalate costs due to the craftsmanship involved.
  • Material Selection
  • The choice of decking materials can significantly affect the overall price:
  • Exotic Hardwoods: They offer unmatched beauty and durability but come at a premium price.
  • Composite Decking: This low-maintenance option can be pricier than standard woods but can save costs in the long run.
  • Railings & Features
  • The types of railings and additional features can add to the cost:
  • Glass Railings: They offer a sleek, modern look but can be more costly.
  • Built-in Seating: Benches, planters, and other built-in features will increase the price.
  • Foundation & Support
  • The foundation type can be a cost determinant:
  • Elevated Decks: These require more structural support, which can raise the cost.
  • Ground-Level Decks: Typically, they might be more affordable due to less complexity in foundation requirements.
  • Lighting & Electricals
  • Integrating lighting and electrical fixtures will impact the price:
  • Recessed Lighting: While offering a polished look, it can add to the overall cost.
  • Solar Deck Lights: These might have higher upfront costs but can save on energy bills.
  • Permits & Regulations
  • Local regulations in Atlanta can also influence the cost:
  • Permitting Fees: Necessary permits can add to the price, especially for larger or elevated decks.
  • Inspections: Meeting Atlanta's building codes might require inspections, adding to costs.
  • Conclusion

While a custom deck can enhance your outdoor living experience and potentially boost your property's value, it's essential to be mindful of the various cost and price factors involved. Partnering with an experienced deck builder in Atlanta can help you navigate these complexities, ensuring you receive a deck that aligns with both your budget and design aspirations.


Our Working Process

  • Consultation: We first understand your requirements, preferences, and the scope of the project.
  • Design: Our team crafts a tailored design, taking into account the aesthetics and functionality you desire.
  • Material Selection: We help you choose the best composite materials that fit your budget and style preferences.
  • Site Preparation: Our crew prepares the installation site, ensuring it is level and ready for construction.
  • Installation: The composite deck is installed with precision and craftsmanship, adhering to industry standards.
  • Inspection: We perform thorough checks to ensure the deck's stability and aesthetics are top-notch.
  • Final Touches: We finish up with any final touches, ensuring every detail meets your expectations.
  • Post-Installation Support: Our team remains available for any questions or maintenance needs you might have in the future.

Other services

Composite Decks

Composite Decks

Composite decking has gained popularity among homeowners and for a good reason. It offers a low-maintenance, resistant, and sustainable alternative to traditional wood decking.

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Hardwood Decks

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Pressure-Treated Lumber Decks

Pressure-Treated Lumber Decks

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Pool Decks

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Under Deck Porches

Under Deck Porches

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Redecking offers homeowners a middle ground between minor deck repairs and a full deck replacement, providing a fresh look and extended functionality without the higher costs and longer timelines.

Ipe Wood Decks

Ipe Wood Decks

Choosing Ipe wood for your deck ensures not only an elegant appearance but also a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution that withstands various environmental challenges.


Benefit Description
Personalized Design With a custom deck, homeowners can realize their unique vision, ensuring the design aligns with their tastes and the home's architecture.
Space Optimization Custom decks can be crafted to make the most of the available space, catering to specific functionalities and layouts.
Value Addition A well-designed custom deck can enhance the property's aesthetic appeal and increase its market value.
Choice of Materials Homeowners have the flexibility to choose from a variety of materials, considering aspects like durability, maintenance, and appearance.
Enhanced Functionality From built-in seating and planters to specialized lighting, a custom deck can incorporate various features to suit individual needs.
Quality Assurance Opting for a custom deck usually involves working with professionals who ensure high-quality construction and finishes tailored to the homeowner's expectations.
Adaptability Custom decks can be designed with future modifications in mind, allowing for easy expansions or additions down the line.
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